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1Trooper’s New Product Updates Automate Identity Security

SaaS workflow

SaaS Workflow is the modern capability to be included in the next-gen identity security solution. It is designed for customers to enable automation on a wide scale for large and complex business environments. It is developed to automate identity processes that need complex approvals, additional logic, parsing, out-of-band requests, and more.

This takes manual intervention out of the critical identity task management processes like joiner or mover or leaver situations. The ROI for customers will be recognized immediately with this release by driving productivity, reducing costs and business risks.

How do SaaS Workflows help companies automate and improve their security posture?

When an employee changes their roles within the organization, the privileges from their previous role can devalue during the transition. With SaaS workflows, a new access certification shall be initiated seamlessly with the new manager. The ability to revoke access and authenticate new access in a single process minimizes exposure from the beginning.   

When an employee leaves the organization, the SaaS workflow goes beyond the access being removed. Automatic email notifications to the security team for handling a service desk ticket for out-of-band processes or applications may be triggered. The ability of automation to notify external systems and teams with one identity eliminates risks in manual processes and errors.

With SaaS workflows organizations can: 

  • Rapidly and securely manage identities than manual approaches.
  • Automated access reviews and role adjustments simplify responding to employee transitions.
  • Keep up with the growing digital ecosystems of applications, data, and identities.

Identity Governance update

1Trooper simplifies Identity Governance by enhancing organizational agility via automation and intuitive workflows. The users require a seamless application and infrastructure access that do not compromise compliance. Our skilled Identity Governance tools grant appropriate system permissions to the users according to their roles. 

Creating and managing the digital identities of the users and controlling their access to the systems is now effortless with our solution. It adeptly manages the whole lifecycle of user identities and their entitlements automates operations and conducts account reviews recurrently.

Automation is valuable as it keeps the wheels of business turning during the highs and lows. 1Trooper’s updates to its Identity Governance are particularly designed to perform the same.

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