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2021 ERP Trends

Companies can accelerate their migration to cloud ERP when they realize that moving ERP and its associated modules to the cloud will help them achieve the speed and agility they need to succeed in today’s market. There is a nature. Organizations that have already invested in cloud ERP will look for new ways to harness the power of the cloud.

Cloud adoption

Cloud ERP will get a lot of attention in 2021. Cloud-based deployment models are nothing new, and his cloud-based ERP software has been around for quite some time. However, the cloud-based adoption of his ERP is foreseen to skyrocket in 2021.

Previously, ERP software was only available as an on-premises solution. This was costly for small businesses due to high start-up and hardware costs. Additionally, ERP users were reluctant to store their data in the cloud. Today, more and more organizations are entering the cloud hosting market, improving cloud computing technology and making ERP solutions accessible to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). More and more companies are moving their data to the cloud to manage and update their systems with less investment. SaaS solutions dominate the ERP market due to their performance.

Mobile ERP

Mobile ERP solutions are one of the trending technologies that any modern ERP solution should include. These ERP applications allow users to manage their business processes on tablets and smartphones with internet access anytime, anywhere.

Communication between departments and vendors/suppliers is improved with mobile ERP software. This reduces the possibility of service delays and loss of business. Organizations looking to adopt this technology gain growth, agility, and cost control.

Artificial intelligence or AI integration

AI integration is a common trend across many industries and has been the focus of the ERP industry for years. Organizations need to collect a variety of complex and unstructured data. Artificial intelligence can help analyze them to use them effectively.

Intelligent ERP, also known as iERP, analyzes historical data and information from different departments to create more efficient workflows, make better decisions, minimize errors, and eliminate hours of repetitive processes. AI-powered business management software that can automate iERP is a game changer when it comes to making your company more competitive and more reliable.

Organizations will continue to focus on ensuring their ERP software is configured for remote work in the near future. These include increasing process automation, mobile ERP capabilities, secure remote access, and facilitating distance learning. Another notable development is the continued growth of ERP supply chain management capabilities. This helps companies protect themselves from supply chain disruptions and sudden changes in global economic conditions.

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