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Achieve Compliant and Secure User Provisioning by 1Trooper for SAP

Today, organizations find User access provisioning predominant for securing their systems and applications. 1Trooper for SAP entitles managers to handle all the access permissions of employees by making the systems more secure and compliant. With the help of a rich dashboard, the administrator will be empowered to add, delete or modify the access permissions based on the responsibilities and user roles across any department in the organization.

Most of the time, improper management may lead to gaps between necessary access provisioning and system requirements. This might cause a waste of effort and time in filling the silos and there are chances for the occurrences of fraud.

Irrespective of whether an organization is public or private, it should comply with the security regulations in order to maintain compliance within all business processes. Each user access permission should be regularly reviewed to identify and mitigate the potential Segregation of Duty (SoD) conflicts. To ensure all this happens periodically, wouldn’t it be great if there is a tool that has provisioning capabilities and provides a robust SoD ruleset?

1Trooper for SAP

1Trooper for SAP offers SOD monitoring and user provisioning capabilities that smartly reviews all potential SOD conflicts and lessens the burden of any possible manual work particularly for access provisioning. 1Trooper for SAP can be easily implemented in a few days saving both time and implementation costs. Once the tool is implemented, it streamlines the entire process of user provisioning as it puts all the security controls in place. 

The tool effectively analyzes any access requests and also identifies any existing SOD conflicts. If any conflicts are noticed, they will be mitigated immediately in a compliant way. In case if the user’s role or location changes, our tool automatically sends a notification to the manager restraining any fraudulent practice from occurring. 

With 1Trooper for SAP, the managers and business process owners can request for the required access permissions and intensify their productivity. The access changes automatically take place with a final approval. By enabling the business owners to manage the entire process, the time invested can be significantly reduced. Even the risks and bottlenecks can be immediately addressed.

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