CIO Roles

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

True digital transformation is all about harnessing Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Cloud.

Expedite business transformation and terminate security gaps

As the technology evolves rapidly, organizations are aligning their strategies with digital transformation and are also shifting their operational platforms to the cloud. In this scenario, cybersecurity and the urge to comply with regulatory standards have gained crucial importance. 1Trooper leverages the benefits of digital transformation by enabling CIOs to detect and protect the sensitive data of their organizations.

Data Risk Analysis
We help you to safely integrate collaboration tools into your existing IT ecosystem by providing you broader visibility over the unstructured data of your organization. We do this with our data risk analysis feature that classifies your data using the capabilities like pattern matching and language processing.
Identity and Access Lifecycle Management
1Trooper’s Identity and Access Lifecycle Management tool can be easily integrated with your existing IT and cloud ecosystems and can be configured to link with the identities. It automatically monitors and provides/denies access to the identities, and disables the accounts of the employees who left the organization.
Real-time Automated Provisioning
1Trooper makes provisioning of data and account access more secure by deploying Real-time Automated Provisioning. This feature analyzes the request for the data/access and automatically grants permission for low-risk access while subjecting the access requests to sensitive data to additional reviews by data owners.
Segregation of Duties
1Trooper gives you solutions to frame and define the Segregation of Duties (SoD) within your organization by providing you leverage over high-risk user access across various applications and systems. This allows the workflow to be compliant with the regulations and mitigates the risk of access violation.
Control Exchange
For organizations whose IT ecosystems comprise multi-platforms and applications, having a centralized point of control would interrupt the workflow. 1Trooper’s exclusive control exchange tool enables the CIOs to define frameworks that allow an exchange of control between various systems and applications.
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