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Comprehensive Identity And Access Management In The Cloud

This blog introduces security and compliance teams to SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance. It is a scalable, cloud-based solution that is designed to assist organizations to simplify, streamline and optimize IAM across on-premise and cloud-based software landscapes. Every service provided by the solution and the usage is explained further. It helps in framing a governance plan for the company and to meet the changing needs of the business.

Today’s business world witnesses so many advancements in technology. Companies are getting adapted to new technologies. They are seeking the cloud to experience benefits like zero maintenance, easy access to applications, and the option to choose and use the functions which would fit their processes. 

SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance

It is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that integrates with an already existing business application to enable simplified Identity and access management across heterogeneous systems. It uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to retrieve data from a target system. 

What are the services provided?

The following 5 services can be used alone or together to simplify IAM across heterogeneous systems.

  • Access analysis: To analyze access, refine user assignments and manage controls.
  • Role design: To optimize role definition and for streamlining governance.
  • Access request: To optimize access, track workflow, enable policy-based assignments and streamline processes.
  • Access certification: To review access, roles, risks, and mitigation controls
  • Privilege access management: To enable account-based access and consolidate logs. Also to automate log reviews to assess fraud risk.
Access analysis

This service is an application that is made for security administrators and compliance teams. It analyzes the access risks across cloud applications are analyzed. It also refines or remediates access according to the auditory requirements.

Role design

The users can design access roles with the power of Machine Learning (ML) based algorithms to impeccably refine and define the required roles with a bottom-up approach.

Access request

This service provides the customers with an opportunity to utilize self-service access request forms for users and role provisioning into the Cloud applications including the power of a workflow-driven access provisioning mechanism with any other features.

Access certification

This service is available in the Cloud Identity Access Governance (IAG). It provides the option to certify access spread across multiple cloud solutions as it allows reviewers to regularly audit and certifies the roles that are assigned.

Privilege access management

Cloud Identity Access Governance (IAG) solution provides this service. It monitors, reports, audits, and also takes action against critical access in a critical environment such as a Cloud application.

SAP DevOps maintains Cloud Identity Access Governance (IAG). It is responsible for constant upkeep, maintenance and pushing in new enhancements.


The following are the key features of SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance.

  • Access governance
  • Compliance
  • Auditability and 
  • Provisioning

Through its services, it provides mechanisms for perfectly designing access in such a way that it provides protection for the business without compromising on productivity. SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance meets the concerns and expectations of the IT and security administrators in a secure, effective, and efficient way.

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