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Defend your collaboration tools from the cybercriminals

Collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack are essential for your employees to communicate and share data with each other to get the work done. 1Trooper has stepped in to make it even easier for the employees for requesting access to the apps and files that they require right within Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Now you can provide your employees secure access to the collaboration tools they are using every day.  They will be experiencing ease and simplicity to request and approve access right within Microsoft Teams and Slack.

No need to call the helpdesk or spend hours switching between multiple apps for requesting or approving access.  It is all available with a simple shortcut and definitely, we all love saving time.

Increase productivity and level up your confidence knowing your employees can securely access and use your collaboration tools to keep the bad guys out.

  • Make it easy for employees to obtain access and keep working.
  • Efface the friction of requesting access with the confidence that all access is within the policy.
  • Accelerate access delivery. There are no more manual IT requests or switching between various applications.

Further, this integration provides your employees access to corporate resources from anywhere, anytime, eliminating the need to switch between multiple apps continuously to request access. Also, the managers can effortlessly approve requests for access in the same way helping ensure that secure access is being delivered faster and easier than ever before.

1Trooper’s Identity Security empowers you to control access to the collaboration tools in accordance with the security policies you set. This means that employees, contractors, and partners get the right access they need and nothing more.

1Trooper provides you complete visibility into who has access to what and enables you to adjust or remove access as required. We help you create a secure collaborative environment over your entire organization.

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