1Trooper offers governing solutions specifically built for the energy sector to control and monitor the permission rights for the applications and systems. It offers a framework that interconnects the entire control system. This gives broader visibility over the distribution ecosystem, enabling enterprises to easily manage and authenticate permissions provided to the users.

Identity Governance
1Trooper makes secure all the interactions that happen between application/systems and the stakeholders. We offer a framework that automatically creates and manages the digital identities of the employees as well as the customers, to access the systems more securely.
Data Monitoring & Protection
1Trooper's Data Monitoring & Protection technology continuously monitors all the access to the sensitive data within an organization. Any attempt of a data breach is identified immediately and the permission to access and share is denied, triggering security alerts.
Real-time Automated Provisioning
1Trooper makes provisioning of data and account access more secure by deploying Real-time Automated Provisioning. This feature analyzes the request for the data/access and automatically grants permission for low-risk access while subjecting the access requests to sensitive data to additional reviews by data owners.
Entitlement-based Access Management
With 1Trooper's SoX-compliant intelligent SoD Management Tool, you can clearly define the security hierarchy based on the roles of your employees. It also enables you to predict the risks involved in user activity, shift in responsibilities, and automatically resolve the conflicts periodically.
Access Governance
1Trooper's Access Governance technology helps you to control all kinds of access such as access to applications, databases, data centers, shared file systems, network devices, backups, and printers, from a centralized point. You can automate periodic account reviews to identify and resolve issues with vulnerable accounts.


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  • 01
    Data monitoring & protection
    Identifying data breaches and denying the permission of access.
  • 03
    Address compliance regulations
    Maintaining compliance to regulations and being audit ready.
  • 02
    Real-time automated provisioning
    Secured provisioning of data and account access.
  • 04
    Enhanced productivity
    Fast technology access without compromising on security.

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