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How Identity Security Automation helps in closing security gaps and escalating efficiency?

What’s highly remarkable in today’s digitally accelerated world is that many organizations are still attempting to secure and manage their identities through manual processes. They use older means such as spreadsheets which are almost impossible in the current scenario.

A recent survey stated that 55% of organizations still rely on manual processes for adjusting their user access when IT environments change. Opening the proverbial door to unneeded workloads, human error could result in significant risk to the company, lowered productivity, and increased organizational costs.  

The IT and security teams are already overloaded facing mounting responsibilities analyzing organizational and change management. They perform multiple tasks such as user onboarding, access or change requests to certifications, stopping risky access, and password resets. Needless to say, these responsibilities go beyond all that is humanly possible to successfully perform.  

Like never before, at present, organizations ought to perform their IAM tasks accurately and quickly with maximum security. Specifically, with the least annoyance to the users and minimal disruption to the business. 

So how do Security/IT resources obtain this conflicting balance?   

AI-driven Identity Security

Automation with AI-driven identity security is exactly at the heart of the balance. It has the capability to minimize risks, maximize scale, efficiency and flexibility. It can help organizations maintain compliance and an effective cyber security posture.  

At the core of Identity Security are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. A foundation that automates and streamlines the identity processes and decisions like onboarding and offboarding, access changes, access requests, access certifications, and role modeling. 

What does AI-driven Automated Identity Security do?

  • Replaces the manual processes with intelligent automation
  • Monitors the organization as it keeps evolving 
  • Renders a low-code SaaS workflow tool 
  • Facilitates defining the user roles and initiating policies 
  • Simplifies the administration of the identity security programs 

Automation is driving great efficiencies across IT organizations, the entire workforce, and for complex customers around the world. It ensures that the users always have the genuine access required to do their job.

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