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IAM’s future is cloud-based- Get ready to explore!

Today, the digitization of organizations is rapidly advancing. Managing digital identities is becoming increasingly important as business processes and customer relationships speedily move to digital platforms.

In today’s flexible, open, and highly scalable enterprise, all identities become the new security perimeter rapidly. Strong Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the latest lynchpin of security architecture. Identity Governance (IGA) is the foundation of that architecture that establishes the standards and sound processes that allow you to build a secure perimeter as you enable your workforce to accelerate business.   

In the past, even experienced security teams struggled often to meet such high demands. On-premise deployments had been the standard of IGA. These highly customizable solutions have allowed organizations to secure their identities and also enabled them to establish custom rules that cater to their complex application architecture.  

Modern Identity has paved the way for ample changes and SaaS platforms like 1Trooper allows a company to deploy and scale an identity governance program rapidly with less disruption to their workforce. Our expert deployment services and hugely scalable managed Services deliver long-term support for a cloud-first identity program.

Here are the benefits:

•         Organizations benefit from a powerful solution without building and maintaining internal expertise and also investing in dedicated systems. 

•         Costly one-time investments (CapEx) are replaced with attractive monthly operating costs (OpEx). Hence, the resources and liquidity are protected.

•         Managed Services from iC Consult or SecureIT source provides a robust and secure end-to-end IAM solution. Its 24/7 monitoring and excellent support are something that is hard to attain with internal resources.

•         Cloud-based IAM helps the development team from managing day-to-day IAM issues. It allows them to focus on business-critical development objectives.

The bottom line is simple: With 1Trooper’s expert professional and managed services, your organization will benefit from a seamlessly integrated best IGA solution. We eliminate complex and costly implementations, attain faster time-to-value, and deliver long-term care for your IGA program.

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