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Identity and Access Management Compliance and Intelligent Analytics

Compliance is often considered a roadblock to digital transformation and it is more burdensome. When an organization decides to move to the cloud, it is requisite to have a solution that has the ability to address the proliferation of identities across the cloud ecosystem, on-premises, and a hybrid. Having a good understanding of Identity and Access Management (IAM) compliance fitting into the jigsaw puzzle of the newest IT infrastructure will entitle you to mature all the strategies for better security. 

IAM Identity-based policies

IAM identity-based policies, otherwise resource-based policies, usually take control of the user access permissions, like full access or read-only access. These permissions are controlled only after you have authorized and authenticated the credentials of the users. It also enables you to incorporate additional constraints depending on the user attributes, while users access digital resources, say,s for example, AWS which uses the device, location, and application types.

Compliance requirements for IAM

Identity management and access management utilize compliance requirements for IAM, like in PCI DSS, to assist in protecting the data security and privacy. It is essential to set policies that enable identity reconciliation, user access requests, and the review or certify process to manage the IAM lifecycle.

Organizations struggle with IAM compliance a lot. They add more SaaS applications to streamline their business operations. Often, they find that they lack visibility over their users’ access that is within the complicated architecture. 

Why choose 1Trooper for assured compliance-as-a-service

Our intelligent analytics makes your organization’s system much more effective and efficient through the IAM compliance process through which you can create a frictionless approach to controlling the identity lifecycle. We provide Assured Compliance as a Service, much more than Identity as a Service.

1Trooper’s cloud-native platform comes up with a wide range of flexible options for both on-premises and cloud-based implementations. As you create the digital transformation strategies, our platform will develop an authoritative identity source that is standardized throughout the ecosystem. 

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