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Identity Management And Cost Savings

With the evolution of analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning are now being applied to identity management. What is surprising is how swiftly they have helped resolve the current difficulty surrounding user privileges and access management.

As there are possibilities of users joining and exiting organizations, teams form and re-form. Contractors come and go, and then the ecosystems extend, making access management increasingly overwhelmed and overburdened. It takes a long to certify the growing volumes of access rights to be fully described or understood. This means there is little or no transparency about their job functions and the access needs of the users. Confidence in the resulting decisions becomes low, which is another way of saying that risks increase intensely and rapidly. Even if organizations manage to define and tame their access models, it has taken a long time in the ever-changing access landscape and rendered them stale. After (over) spending all their time and money, most companies return to the place from where they started. 

What improved 1Trooper IAM looks like

Here at Trooper Identity, we have recently launched a new facility. With analytics adding insight and automation accelerating the process and AI adding intelligence, 1Trooper’s efficacy helps enterprises identify higher-risk areas requiring more control.

The secret sauce behind Identity Management

This capability aggregates and consumes data from multiple sources, including existing HR and Identity Access Management Cloud, and ports it into extensible and innovative micro-services architecture. Those people who are making decisions on access-related issues get the big-picture context they need. As the organization matures, our capability can atomize most of the processes. In addition to these capabilities, it predicts the access required for new joiners and movers in organizations to make onboarding faster and less complex.

Access is now transparent, over-provisioning, and human errors are almost reduced. Identity governance is considerably reduced, and HR enjoys a single source of truth if you use 1Trooper IAM. And it all happens via an easy-to-use interface for the organization.

In 1Trooper, we are sure our new Trooper IAM capability is the most advanced identity access management capability in the market.

Challenge met with considerable cost savings

Identity has now facilitated the organizations to enforce password strength policies quickly as well as automate password resets. Suppose a person sets up a password and it doesn’t meet our constraints. In that case, he/she will receive a message that tells them that their password isn’t complex enough, such as its missing a unique character or that it doesn’t have enough characters, which makes the process much easier. 

The cost savings is proved to be substantial. Within the first four months of implementation, an enormous number of password resets were completed without service desk assistance, saving a considerable amount of money. When administrator accounts are eventually included in my access, the savings will be even higher. 

1Trooper – About us

Did you dream of an intuitive, innovative, and applicable product for all levels of users?

1trooper Identity turns your dream into reality

Implementing an identity solution on-premise and on the Cloud in an organization to thwart cyber-attacks involves shelling out for licensing, hardware & resources.

Here’s where 1Trooper brings a cost-effective and efficient suite of access governance & control solutions.

1Trooper is a robust security platform with a perfect blend of information, technology, and infrastructure. To know more about our details visit 

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