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Oracle NetSuite For Health Industry

Hospitals and clinics play an important role in providing health care to communities and society as a whole. They are more approachable, offer basic to advanced care to their patients, and build long-term relationships with community members.

However, most healthcare organizations operate in an orthodox manner with little use of technology, especially cloud computing.

Manually enrolling patients and traditional methods of data entry and data storage prevent healthcare organizations from maximizing the use of information for patient improvement and personal growth.

Oracle NetSuite, the world’s fastest growing cloud-based ERP platform, is dedicated to analyzing and understanding this healthcare problem, leveraging technology and cloud computing to not only streamline but optimize operations. and developed a robust solution that can be improved. 

See how healthcare organizations are using Oracle NetSuite to improve productivity and revenue.

Automate the patient registration and appointment process

Hospitals and clinics no longer have to manually register new patients and book appointments in notes that can be lost. With Oracle NetSuite’s healthcare management system, all new patient registrations and appointments are automatically stored in the cloud, and real-time data can be accessed by authorized personnel from anywhere via mobile phone, tablet, or laptop I can do it.

When working in a multi-physician setting instead of the Oracle NetSuite Cloud software, all patient data is stored in a database and can be accessed by other physicians working with you at the same facility. This means that no patient is lost in care just because the doctor is absent. This means you never miss an appointment/treatment and all new patient records are saved forever.

Technology-enabled customer service

Once the patient is discharged, all records, doctor’s prescriptions, medical records, etc. are centrally stored in the cloud using Oracle NetSuite. If a patient needs help with post-discharge documentation/summary reporting, we can help right away. Manual recording and data entry make this job of termination and customer service time-consuming and very complicated.

Integrate medical evaluations into sales and billing processes

One of the biggest problems when creating patient bills and invoices is embedding and including all medical expenses incurred. With Oracle NetSuite, this entire process is automated and greatly streamlined.

All medical evaluations (consultations, medications, home therapy, hospital bills, etc.) can be incorporated into the sales and billing process, saving healthcare organizations time without losing revenue.

1Trooper has the expertise and experience to deliver you the best consultancy in deploying Oracle NetSuite for your clinics, hospitals, and healthcare centers.

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