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Quality as a Success Formula

Take any successful product in the market, its ‘Quality’ can’t merely be a process or even a team’s responsibility. It should be either linked or coordinated in each part of the delivery cycle. Every change in our product is thoroughly reviewed and tested which includes scaling and performance, data integrity, usability, and security. Along with that, our team focuses completely on each of these functional areas.

Focus on the teams and responsibility for everyone

Previously, software development had been having distinct and definite roles namely testing and development. Most organizations have terminated those distinctions for their identity and products. Although we have improvised our attitudes towards the roles, we understand the need for engineers with the importance of quality. Having engineers who focus on product performance, customer scenarios, user experience, internal development, and security make certain that any issue in those areas has a voice and they have a top priority in our project.

We look to these teams to increase our knowledge in these areas. Depending on what we think our customers to be doing, they actually run extensive performance tests. The engineers who work with the teams test the user experience and also develop edge and corner cases, the white hat hackers always hunt for security vulnerabilities, and the internal development team persistently innovates and establishes to make test automation effortless.

We have arranged a simple request process for adding work items to these teams’ backlogs. At once in the backlog the teams begin the communication process, questioning, setting expectations, and responding to the requested delivery date. The Product Management team is mostly our tie-tack for priorities. Thus, staying in touch with them and with our development teams is supreme and on high priority.


The mission is to deliver a high-quality and very innovative Identity Management solution. The process for that needs everyone to be vigilant about our product quality, a continuous examination of our process, and best practices. Also, collaborate with engineers who are capable to guide teams with their extensive knowledge of the multiple facets that comprise true quality.

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