Risk and Compliance

Discern the risks and ensure the compliance of workflow with the regulations.

Integrate risk review and remediation across every process

Organizations with interconnected IT ecosystems authorizes a collaborative working methodology yet may oversee the risks of data breaches and credential fraud. 1Trooper provides Risk and Compliance Officers a set of comprehensive risk management tools to constantly monitor, identify, and address the risks across applications, systems, and cloud platforms.

Identity and Access Lifecycle Management
1Trooper’s Identity and Access Lifecycle Management tool can be easily integrated with your existing IT and cloud ecosystems and can be configured to link with the identities. It automatically monitors and provides/denies access to the identities, and disables the accounts of the employees who left the organization.
Automated Data Governance Analytics
1Trooper’s Automated Data Governance Analytics tool proactively prevents any attempt that leads to the data breach. It deploys effective techniques such as locking the account, quarantining the access, alerting the RCOs about the suspicious attempts of the identities to gain access to sensitive data.
Intelligent Workload Management
While it is important to allocate duties for the employees, as soon as they are boarded, it is equally crucial to allocate the workload. 1Trooper’s cloud-enabled tool easily gets integrated with your organization’s IT systems and automatically creates, configures, and manages the workload.
Control Exchange
For organizations whose IT ecosystems comprise multi-platforms and applications, having a centralized point of control would interrupt the workflow. 1Trooper’s exclusive control exchange tool enables the RCOs to define frameworks that allow an exchange of control between various systems and applications.
Access Governance
1Trooper’s access governance offers RCOs an intelligent monitoring system that continuously oversees the access to applications and systems of your organization. It prevents violations in access privileges that are granted during emergencies or through unauthorized provisions, by escalating them.
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