Segregation Of Duties


Alleviate the risks of malicious acts

With global fraud reaching record levels and 32% attributed to lack of internal controls, can your organization afford to take the risk? Segregation of duties (SoD) is a crucial component of risk management, essential for compliance with SOX regulations and enhancing internal controls for both private and public companies.

1Trooper’s SoD management solution empowers enterprises to effectively segregate access to multiple accounts, applications, and systems. Easy to implement and manage, our solution is specifically designed to prevent fraud and errors in financial transactions. Our solution automates the entire process of managing SoD, reducing the need for manual oversight and increasing efficiency. It proficiently analyzes each account with access, identifying and reporting financial risks across roles. By foreseeing risks in user activities and shifts in responsibilities, our solution automatically resolves conflicts, ensuring robust internal controls. The system not only identifies issues but also proposes ways to address and mitigate these risks effectively.

Protect your enterprise from financial risks and fraud with 1Trooper's advanced SoD management solution. Enhance your internal controls and ensure compliance with ease.


Key Features

  • Periodic account reviews for security audits
  • Automated conflict identity and resolution
  • Compatible with existing ERPs and systems
  • Compliant with SOX, J-SOX, and BASEL
SOD Product tool



Comprehensive Solutions

Ours is a set of end-to-end solutions that cover every aspect of data security and access governance, suitable for every business - small and large.

Intelligent Systems

Our tools are adaptive-can be easily integrated with existing IT systems and strategies, and scalable-can support technological advances and future requirements.

Predictive Analysis

We aren't a reactive solutions provider. Rather, we run an extensive analysis to identify, predict, and mitigate risks associated with data security and system access.

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