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Self-Service Identity Access Management for Organizations

Self-Service Identity Access Management Cloud is increasingly becoming accepted by users and organizations. It is a matter of time before it is extensively embraced due to the multiple benefits it offers.

Despite all the expectations placed on typical IT enterprises, managing identity and access is perhaps the most significant challenge due to various reasons. Users become the root cause of the identity and access management challenges not because of their intentions but because of their changing positions or job roles or exit their companies. It can also be due to their falling victim to phishing scams that lead to the theft of their access credentials and usage of the same passwords for multiple accounts, sharing passwords, and users tend to forget their passwords.

The Self-Service Solution

Many systems provide self-service features to employees and customers to decrease the burden of the IT helpdesk and increase productivity as system users can quickly reset passwords online without the involvement of IT support. Though the self-service identity access management concept is not new, many systems still lack the self-features of IAM services. The old help-desk model was not scaling well, especially when considering password resets. This is how self-service identity management allowed users to reset passwords and change their basic account information. Thereby it started to attract attention.

Earlier, self-service user Troper identity management was sometimes web-based but more frequently used automated call attendants, as the system users were only familiar with the process of calling up the help-desk.

Self-service IAM has become common and is now frequently use both via web-based and voice systems. Millions of transactions and many years of experience have provided context on the docs and don’ts for implementing self-service identity management access.


While implementing a self-service identity and access management tool, only certain parts of the self-service solution may be required, which benefits an organization. Therefore, requirement analysis is essential for understanding the organizations needs better and reducing risks without creating compliance issues and unnecessary audits.

Trooper IAM helps enterprises identify higher-risk areas requiring more control and enables them towards remediation.

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