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The Core of Identity Security

Today, technologies and identities are certainly inseparable. This inseparable connection drives digital transformation as it stays at the heart of modern enterprises. It fuels business innovation and enables businesses to be competitive. These connections are in turn crucial to the success of the businesses and the transformation efforts as they represent a tremendous attack surface.   

What are the challenges?

One of the most prominent challenges that the companies face currently is, ‘How to secure the connection between technology and identities without compromising on the power delivered by this pairing. How do you ensure security without slowing the pace of the business? How do you empower everyone right from employees to contractors and the non-human bot identities to perform the best and most impactful work without throwing up barriers continually?  

These burning and often hard-to-answer questions are faced by global enterprises every single day. Whereas the answer to these questions lies at the ‘Core of identity security’ We all know that the core is the central and most important part of something, when it comes to this case it is identity security.

AI-driven intelligence

At its core, today’s identity security should be fueled by AI-driven intelligence for keeping up with the velocity of changes across businesses and the inseparable connection points described previously. The sheer volume of technology required to keep the business running. Currently, multiple identities that need access to technology are enormous and are also constantly changing. The ability to properly manage and secure the connection points has more than surpassed human capacity.  

AI-Driven Identity Security provides organizations visibility at speed and also scales into what access is requisite and which access is at risk for potential security breaches. This new generation of Identity driven by the power of AI is the one that enables identity to be autonomous while the organization stays in complete control.

The security of enterprises starts and ends with identities. At the core of identity security is Artificial Intelligence which defends organizations from cyber threats by automating and streamlining the control of securing and managing identities.

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