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The Journey of Identity Security

In the previous blog, we looked at the 4 significant elements that define the future of identity security. While it takes some time to reach various aspects of this future, it is known that all organizations are on a journey to get there although some may not know it yet.

To understand the identity landscape at present, organizations were evaluated on four key vectors in the study. It was found that companies going through an identity security journey to attain this future vision fall across five distinct horizons. This blog expounds on the vectors and the different Horizons.

The Four Key Enablers

An organization’s position across horizons is determined by its maturity in each of the four areas:
● Strategy
● Technology & tools
● Operating model
● Talent

Responses to every enabler help us perceive how organizations reach new horizons. An identity strategy perfectly aligned with the business goals can accelerate both technology transformation and innovation. Identity capabilities, technologies, and tools are even more efficient if they are integrated and automated with security operations. A central and strategic operating model must span across an organization, with very well-defined success metrics that are tracked and communicated. Of course, people are crucially important. An effective IAM workforce focuses on product automation and innovation rather than helpdesk responses.

The Five Horizons

Horizon 1: Organizations are least advanced lacking an identity strategy, operating model, and capabilities required to develop a solution.

Horizon 2: Organizations have started an identity management program which is mostly manual. They have initiated the purchase of tools, yet there is low adoption and buy-in.

Horizon 3: The identity program has become digitalized, leveled up, and widely adopted across the organization.

Horizon 4: Organizations are using advanced digital tools and predictive technology. The identity program enables innovation, business transformation, and security resilience.

Horizon 5: Organizations are closer to the future of identity. Cybersecurity risks are reduced and it also supports them in next-gen technology innovation.

Identity security has evolved to be the core, of not only securing today’s enterprise but enabling rapid organizational and digital transformation and innovation. From that lens, wouldn’t you want to pursue the best, aiming for horizons 4 and 5?

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