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Top 3 Considerations for 1trooper’s JDE users

What JD Edwards Users Find Most Important in 2021 – JDE Community Survey 

The priorities and initiatives of the JDE community for 2021 seems different from the past year. The top three goals for JD Edwards users in 2021 are:

Goal 1: Process Automation

More than 69% of the JDE users stated that their first priority was Process Automation for the company in the year 2021.

When it comes to navigating new reality and driving digital transformation, automation is critical. Process automation assures timeliness, efficiency, accuracy, and less cost. 

Process automation performs well by entirely eliminating the user tasks by the predetermined system action. The JD Edwards Enterprise One digital platform encompasses the Orchestrator, notifications, Scheduler, and extensibility framework. It facilitates Process automation which enables the human users, devices and the Enterprise One system to comply with digitally transformed operations.

There is space for improvements and automation when a JDE system may not appear ‘Broken’.

Goal 2: Orchestrator Capabilities

The need for automation continues as more than 65% of JDE users have affirmed that orchestrator capabilities will be prioritized more in the future.

JD Edwards Orchestrator technology has new ways to automation within JDE. Orchestrator Studio is one of the important enhancements to JD Edwards Enterprise One. It has the capability to transform the use of the entire JD Edwards system. It also provides a dynamic reflection of real-time business operations regardless of human intervention.  

By giving an extraordinary framework, Orchestrator integrates with external systems and cloud services. The Enterprise One system can both send and receive data for integrated business processes. Thus Orchestrator can expose JD Edwards transactions as REST services to a wider range of integrated business processes without the need to use the Server Manager console user interface.

The other features of Orchestrator include automation, integration, and notifications. It also captures data from IoT or other sources. All these lead to automation. 

Goal 3: Improved reporting

Nearly 45% of the JDE users are giving importance to upgrading visibility and reporting. Having access to real-time data in an easy to consume format is necessary to achieve operational excellence, in this new normal world.  

JD Edwards Enterprise One reporting features are created in a way to deliver personalized access over operational activities. Improved reporting opens doors for best decision-making and long-term planning.

To intensify the business processes, improved reporting will:

  • Reduce delays between business needs and operational actions.
  • Prioritize ways to increase the company’s cash flow
  • Enable BI capabilities
  • Enhance user and data interactivity without giving up on real-time capabilities

Many businesses are prioritizing more on the other areas of growth and innovation.  The top 4 and 5 features and functionality of the year were utilizing UX One and implementing cloud solutions.

Nearly 50% of the JDE users who participated in the survey have decided to maximize additional functionality/modules in 2021.

As per the results, the first priority of the year is investing in an upgrade. JD Edwards Enterprise One Applications released 9.2 updates 5. Applications 9.2.5 was made available in November 2020.

To further reinforce their digital transformation roadmap, this update provides significant customer-driven application product improvements. The investments are made in innovation, system automation, user experience, security, and open platforms. These enhancements have not only overcome the challenges of the year but also focused on improving future proof businesses.

Implementing Cloud Applications

IDC states that 2021 will be the year of the multi-cloud. The Covid-19 pandemic reaffirms the critical need for business agility.

Using an in-house data center on private clouds few enterprises are opting to keep the workloads on premises. This method helps them to gain better performance, 24/7 availability, enhanced security, and greater compliance with regulations.”

Integrating cloud applications initiatives is one of the top 3 initiatives of 2021 in the JD Edwards Community. Its cloud strategy was created especially to support business growth, lower costs, risks, and for greater business agility. This hybrid approach provides:

  • The increased agility and reduced IT complexity of a cloud-based approach
  • The ability to protect the existing applications investment and customizations.

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