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Top Cloud Security Risks You Must Know

Businesses worldwide are moving their operations to the cloud and there is a remarkable shift in cloud adoption. In the coming months, 29% of organizations anticipate shifting 75% of their workloads to the cloud.

Here are the potential cloud security risks.

Unauthorised Access

Any company’s cloud-based deployments and operations exist outside the network perimeter which can be accessed via the public internet easily.

While this facilitates accessibility for remote employees, attackers find it easier to leverage unauthorised access to cloud resources. To ensure secure data access in the cloud, make sure that there are proper security configurations and very strong employee credentials.


Misconfigured cloud security settings usually result in data breaches. Unfortunately, many organizations are still relying ontraditional security solutions unknowing that they are compromising on secure cloud applications as well as the security posture of the cloud environment.

In many cases, these traditional solutions do not offer strong control to the companies over cloud security settings making them rely on the service providers. Moreover, various organizations are unfamiliar with the settings which lead to misconfiguration and data breach vulnerabilities.

External data sharing

Cloud makes data sharing a breeze with external or third-party entities which is another major security concern. The link-based sharing that enables collaboration makes it easier for attackers to gain access because the link can be stolen , or forwarded, and, the data cannot be easily revoked once compromised.

Cybercriminal attacks

Cybercriminals target specific organizations and it depends on the expected ransom or profitability they would receive from the attacks. Since a cloud-based environment is easily accessible through the public internet and has a lot of sensitive data, it is often improperly secured and configured. It results in compromising cloud access security and cyberattacks.

Abuse of cloud services

The iniquitous use of PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS services affects organizations, cloud customers, employees, and providers directly. Compromises due to phishing, brute force attacks, and click frauds incur expenses, involving data loss.

 The 2022 Cloud Security report states that 94% of organizations are concerned about cloud security at medium to high levels, and 58% of them find unauthorised access the greatest security threat. Ensuring the utmost protection against cloud security issues is important and it can be done with Zero Trust Security.

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