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Transaction Violation Tracker: Everything You Need To Know

In a business where a lot of transactions happen every day, it is crucial to oversee with whom they are carried out. The violations can be often observed in accounts related to vendor management. A user with access to define and pay a vendor takes advantage by evading the policies associated with their roles.

What does a Transaction Violation Tracker do?

All that you need to do is arrest the risk of fraudulent transactions with a fictitious entity. A Transaction Violation Tracker offers a brilliant framework that harnesses the efficiency of Segregation of Duties (SoD). It demarcates the business operations and roles by segregating the employee duties and initializing periodic analysis of permissions to each application and system within the company. It helps you avoid insider threats that may cost you valuable resources.

Why Transactional Data is extremely relevant in Big Data Analytics?

The most important characteristic of transactional data is that it has a time aspect. It is immensely volatile and loses its relevance over time. Quickly processing and making sense of transactional data is vital to use it to maintain a competitive edge. When it is used rightly, transactional data can be a key source of business intelligence. In big data analytics, transactional data is crucial to understanding peak data arrival rates, ingestion rates, and transaction volume.

Who uses transactional data in an enterprise?

The IT operations team and the data analytics team are the important handlers of transactional data in every organization. The benefits are two-fold:

  • IT operations monitor transactions in real time. They make use of the data and streaming products for locating, diagnosing, and fixing any performance issues which may cause serious service disruptions. It saves money and time. 
  • Business managers and data analysts use real-time transaction data for understanding buying behavior and getting an idea of how their products and services are being adopted. In this occurrence, the transaction data yields valuable insights which help in improving the service offering. Transaction data also serves to acquire new business, boost profitability and deliver a better customer experience.

Transaction Tracking solutions

  • Master the transaction flow
  • End-to-End Monitoring
  • Track every transaction
  • Discover the pathway a transaction takes
  • Analyze the data
  • Track across various combinations of messaging middleware

It is the foremost duty of any organization to prevent insider threats that are powerful enough to cost valuable resources. A transaction violation tracker is unquestionably an effective tool that harnesses the efficiency of Segregation of duties and prevents all the risks that insider threats cause. 

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