Transaction Violation Tracker


A fictitious entity that averts the insider threats

It is certainly crucial to address a violation in a business where multiple transactions happen in a day. A Transaction Violation Tracker is a completely automated tool that brilliantly detects inappropriate access and violations in the transactions within an organization.

Our transaction violation tracker renders a smart framework that harnesses the performance of Segregation of duties (SoD). It delimits the business operations and roles by segregating the employee duties and initializing periodic analysis of permissions to every system and application in the organization.


Key Features

  • Clear demarcation of responsibility
  • Role-based interaction module
  • Automated conflict identity and resolution
  • Compliant with SOX, J-SOX, and BASEL
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We aren't a reactive solutions provider. Rather, we run an extensive analysis to identify, predict, and mitigate risks associated with data security and system access.

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