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When should you begin your Role-based access control journey?

If timing is everything, today may be the right time to start your Role-Based Access Control journey. This blog discusses the fundamentals of role management to assist you in determining whether this is the right time to implement an effectual role-based program. 

In a role-based access control (RBAC) framework, every access and entitlement is linked to the specific roles within the company. Role management is critical when it comes to addressing governance and compliance needs for user access to mission-critical data, applications, and IT resources.

Roles support compliance as they align access privileges to the user job functions within an enterprise while delivering business context to lower-level entitlements and permissions, that have to be reviewed by the business managers and compliance staff. 

This covers who has access to what. But the equally important factor is ‘When?’

Here’s why: When all the stakeholders are involved early in a role-access project, a diverse team of business and IT personnel are enabled to fully participate in all aspects of role development, management, and deployment process for maintaining an effectual role-based access management system for the organization.  

Why is this important?

Decentralization of role management empowers the business to assign role management responsibilities to individuals in the organization who better understand the business needs of direct reports and resource access requirements.

Role management functionality can assist in establishing the principle of least privilege and adopting a zero-trust mindset. This reduces the risk of a breach and the damage that a potential attacker could do. Provide only the appropriate level of access a user needs to perform their job.

A role-based model can also lower complexity and simplify the onboarding process. It effectively assigns birthright access and entitlements based on the function, role, or role set. It also enables new hires to be productive on day one with the right access based on their role. 

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