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Why physical access management cannot be relied on anymore?

Physical access management matters in IT security. Yet it is way too far from a full solution as it only plays a supporting role. Its measures work well when an attack occurs near a company’s assets. But the majority are remote attacks, which can only be partially stopped. Now, most organizations operate in large-scale remote work. The physical security controls in office buildings have become less significant.

Developing a holistic IT security program involves physical access management and more. The strategy is built first to bring the IT security program to life. With all the elements in place, the company doesn’t have to rely on physical access management in order to safeguard data from misuse and theft.

Software to level up the IT security 

Password management

Today’s world functions with technologies. They play a vital role in effectively improving IT security. The tools help in unanticipated situations when an overworked IT security analyst misses any critical risk. 

One of the requisite ways to protect the organization is strong passwords. In the case of physical security, the employees are expected to handle the company keys and keycards safely. The passwords are much more protective and powerful than the keys in the wrong hands. Even though, there are possibilities to guess them with hacking tools. The passwords can be protected with software with which a company can leverage other tools to keep their passwords safe. 

For example, the employees can be given the option of receiving security codes by text. This security measure is meant for attackers to find difficulties in breaking passwords. 

Single sign-on

The first step for keeping a company’s data safe from harm is to tighten IT security protection. Software is required to make a difference but when more and more secure software is added, the employees would complain.

Employee complaints about IT security must be taken seriously. Because an organization relies on employee engagement to keep their data safe. Installing a single sign-on software solution is a proactive method to prevent IT security frustration.

It enables the employees to log in to the company by using a single password. This system is a stress reliever for employees. They need not memorize multiple passwords and can manage with one password. 

Password resets

The employees must be empowered with password resets. They tend to forget their passwords after returning from a long break and there are many other causes too.  They should not be looking forward to the IT teams for help but resolve it themselves.

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