Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Effectually managing the identity lifecycle and governance leads to better security and easy compliance.

An extensive and opportune identity platform

To keep pace with the digital transformation, your organization has to possess the efficiency to meet the current and future market demands. It becomes critical to consider the data security when you deploy more digitalization. Our access analytics feature assists CISOs to acquire utmost visibility over the accounts of each system for identifying potential risks and resolving the issues.

Automated Access Approval
As your employees need access to systems and applications to perform their jobs, 1Trooper helps you manage access by automating the access provision. This way, access requests that are considered low risk are granted permission, and those with high risks are subjected to review by the authorities.
IAM for Data Security
1Trooper enables CISOs to control better access to the data of their organization with its Identity and Access Management tool. It allows them to govern the permissions to the systems of their organization by creating, managing, authenticating and controlling the user identities and their credentials.
Segregation of Duties
1Trooper gives you solutions to frame and define the Segregation of Duties (SoD) within your organization by providing you leverage over high-risk user access across various applications and systems. This allows the workflow to be compliant with the regulations and mitigates the risk of access violation.
Data Risk Analysis
We help you to safely integrate collaboration tools into your existing IT ecosystem by providing you broader visibility over the unstructured data of your organization. We do this with our data risk analysis feature that classifies your data using the capabilities like pattern matching and language processing.
Data Access Governance
1Trooper’s Data Access Governance enables you to establish and enforce policies to control access to unstructured data that is spread across your organization. With the help of behavioral analytics, you can identify high-risk access requests and can automate the provision. DAG also makes your access reviews easier.
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