Identity Governance


Guard your enterprise identities and sustain governance

1 Trooper simplifies Identity Governance by enhancing organizational agility via automation and intuitive workflows. The users require seamless application and infrastructure access that do not compromise on the compliance. Our skilled Identity Governance tools grants appropriate system permissions to the users according to their roles.

Creating and managing the digital identities of the users and controlling their access to the systems is now effortless with our solution. It adeptly manages the whole lifecycle of user identities and their entitlements, automates operations and conducts account reviews recurrently.


Key Features

  • Automated lifecycle management
  • Authentication to avoid duplicate identities
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) methodology
  • Simplified access request and authentication
IA Product



Comprehensive Solutions

Ours is a set of end-to-end solutions that cover every aspect of data security and access governance, suitable for every business - small and large.

Intelligent Systems

Our tools are adaptive-can be easily integrated with existing IT systems and strategies, and scalable-can support technological advances and future requirements.

Predictive Analysis

We aren't a reactive solutions provider. Rather, we run an extensive analysis to identify, predict, and mitigate risks associated with data security and system access.

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