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1Trooper for SAP

Secure your Data on SAP systems

1 Trooper for SAP makes the task of access management and SoD violations easier to manage. 1Trooper provides industry best practices such as advanced SoD rulesets, automatic risk remediation, and much more. 1 Trooper combines SAP access with the best practices and includes flexibility for its users. 

Users can analyze the potential risks within the work environment and take necessary actions to remediate the risk items, such as potential SoD violations, access misuse, etc.

AI powers 1Trooper for SAP and ML

Security admins can now customize, manage, and track the entire controls framework using the tool dashboard. The dashboard enables visibility and analysis of control violations across the SAP systems. 

It generates alerts every time an SoD violation is found. 1Trooper for SAP works across all connected as well as disconnected SAP systems on Cloud and Enterprise applications.

Analyze, track and monitor all access violations

1 Trooper for SAP provides flexibility to its users to evolve their SAP roles across the business environment. Enterprises that experience significant changes such as mergers, acquisitions, or re-organization highly benefited with this feature. 

The tool allows them to combine various elements present in a single business function and form efficient SAP roles. The SoD rulesets are automatically defined according to the requirement of the roles. 

1 Trooper for SAP Functionalities

On implementing 1 Trooper for SAP, the user can avail of one or all the below functionalities.

SoD monitor

  • Monitor and track real-time access violations 
  • Manage security controls effectively
  • Receive alerts every time a violation is seen
  • Empower managers with timely decision-making capability

Access Provisioning & De-provisioning

  • Better Identity Access Management
  • Faster and better access provisioning
  • Manage user roles, and access permissions effectively
  • Save time and cost 

Access certification

  • Enhance the productivity of IT staff and managers 
  • Keep the entitlements updated always 
  • Enable efficient and rapid response to access violations
  • Regularize the process of access certification

Self-service access request

  • Enhance employee productivity 
  • Eliminate the need for paper-based approvals 
  • Reduce employee’s and manager’s time and efforts for approvals 
  • Empower managers to review the existing access permissions

1 Trooper App is hosted in the AWS application and designed for high availability and disaster recovery. It offers State-of-the-art system monitoring and IT security control measures with real-time reporting. 1 Trooper for SAP offers inbuilt import/export utility to customers, import or export the ruleset, upload rule set from any source, etc.

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