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Basics of Access Certification and Compliance

In its purest sense, access certification validates the access rights for every identity all over the company and across systems, data, and IT resources. These certifications can review everything right from developers’ database access to the third-party partners’ access to remote systems. Many regulations demand regular to ensure that only the right people have the right access.

Automation can make the process rapid, simple, and error-free with Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven recommendations and a configuration-based model which is easy to set up with clicks instead of codes. The solution must be easy to use with little to no friction, making certain that employees and managers would complete their certifications the first time and every time while mitigating the risks of orphaned accounts and also over-provisioning by identifying and revoking unrequired user access.  

Improving, Simplifying, and Accelerating Access Reviews with the Identity Security Cloud 

One of the most common causes of audit failure is access review fatigue. After seeing too many reviews, the managers can end up rubber-stamping access to quickly finish the process and go ahead with their day job. Identity Security Cloud makes the process easy, focused, and faster by providing guidance and recommendations. It prioritizes high-risk review items for reducing the burden on the reviewer.

The solution simplifies the process by enabling the users to prioritize or identify categories, namely never reviewed, recently approved items, uncommon and standard access, and/or unchanged items, thus making the process even more business-driven and targeted.  

What does all this mean?

At the end of an access certification, you will be having the evidence required for a successful compliance audit which leverages the AI-based recommendations that you have to make better decisions in the present world of remote work.

1Trooper’s Identity Security Cloud delivers a wide range of out-of-the-box reports that map to significant compliance frameworks. It includes GDPR, FIPS, FISMA, SOX, PCS DSS, and more, also a rich set of reporting templates, charts, and dashboards making it easier to document the results. 

It can take months to complete access certifications for enterprises of any size. But with 1Trooper, businesses can achieve their reviews rapidly and gain real insights into users’ behavior as they maintain a solid security posture.  

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