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Enterprise Security from the Right Perspective

What’s happening in the world of identity security today?

CIOs and CISOs are in a rush to secure their organization while juggling numerous competing priorities, limited budgets, and driving efficiencies while evolving the digital ecosystem to keep rapid pace with modern innovations and change occurring across the business.

Looking at Enterprise Security from the Right Perspective

What is the right perspective from which you must view your enterprise security? It’s not solely about access or efficiency. It is primarily about security and on priority it is cyber risk mitigation. It’s all about ‘Identities’.

When it comes to large, complex enterprises, organizations with thousands and thousands of identities, new employees joining the company, those moving within the company, and those quitting the company often, an inadequate identity security program can result in a potential risk for your organization. All it takes is one compromised identity or access point, and your entire company could be at risk. This is the perspective that businesses need to adopt, one of risk mitigation.

This is a complex task, as the number of employees, applications, and entitlements, combined with the rate and complexity of change, quickly becomes overwhelming and surpasses human capacity. To keep up with the enterprise’s scale and pace of identity and access decisions, you need to remove the human element and rely on AI/ML to automate identity decisions. Unfortunately, very few identity security solutions are designed to address the modern enterprise’s sophisticated needs.

To achieve true, enterprise-grade identity security that aligns with your business’s speed and sophistication, you need an AI-enabled platform that incorporates identity intelligence into every security decision and connects to all of your other technology investments to provide a holistic view of every identity and access point. This is the secure path forward to quickly and autonomously grant access while addressing and managing identity decisions dynamically, at scale.

When you view enterprise security through an “Identity security lens,” everything becomes more apparent. You are now viewing your business the right way, aiming to securely enable your modern enterprise. Make sure your identity strategy provides efficiency, security, and cyber risk mitigation.

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