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How Trooper helps to reduce Business Frauds

Cybercrime, hacking, and ransomware are not just buzzwords; they are serious problems that have caused many CIOs across the world to lose sleep. It has a significant effect on the businesses and the employees’ job situation. Additionally, since more than 50% of hackers are employees of a business, data security is in jeopardy.

How can you stop fraud of any type and malicious activity on your ERP system in such a situation?

According to studies, one in three businesses experiences internal fraud, which has an effect on both their financial health and social standing. Unauthorized access is the principal cause of internal fraud. Access is misused as a result of inadequate access reviews. It is essential to use Identity Access Management (IAM) because it monitors all access providing and de-provisioning actions, finds problems with Segregation of Duties (SOD), and guards against access violations.

The danger of fraud and harm to the corporation can be decreased by enforcing strict security standards throughout all business processes and systems. 1Trooper provides special features that aim to guard against fraud in your ERP system.

  1. SOD Monitor

1Trooper solutions offer a SOD monitor that locates and resolves any potential Segregation of Duty conflicts in the systems and business processes. To find any access breaches happening at the end user, it evaluates user roles and entitlements. 1Trooper makes sure that SOD standards and security regulations are upheld across the system to avoid data leaks.

  1. Access Violation Management

1Trooper’s Access Violation Manager is a sophisticated, out-of-the-box option for your ERP that examines all access rights inside the system and informs management of “who has access to what.” It records both role modifications and the current access rights granted to the end user. It performs routine access assessments to guard against fraud in your ERP system.

  1. Auditing

Even if the firm has strict security safeguards to safeguard its data, it is essential that ongoing audits be carried out to spot any suspicious activities. 1Trooperoffers specific features that do routine checks and ready your business for internal and external audits. Privileged users’ actions are monitored by audit controls, which also ensure that the users are aware of the monitoring.

  1. Automation

1Trooper systems provide capabilities like self-service and access provisioning, which automate the entire employee access management process and thereby save time, money, and effort. Employee productivity rises as a result, which eventually results in financial gains.

  1. Access Certification

1Trooper solutions are easily integrated across several platforms in a matter of days as opposed to weeks. Employee time and labor are saved as a result. 1Trooper also helps your company save money on maintenance and audit expenses.

1Trooper is a one-stop shop for all of your IAG- Identity Access Governance, GRC- Governance Risk Compliance, and IRM- Integrated Risk Management needs. Our Intelligent Enterprise Identity Platforms were developed to offer businesses complete data security against financial fraud, identity theft, and data breaches. We recognize the importance of a solid IT environment, which develops into a solid backbone for every organization. We provide innovative, scalable access solutions that support identity access control, protect apps and data infrastructure for on-premise and cloud platforms, and help organizations grow.

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