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IT executives must create their identity and access management (IAM) environments because the scale and complexity of contemporary identity environments are becoming too great to handle in conventional ways.

The usage of IAM is growing as a result of the adoption of microservices architectures, the shift to the cloud, the digitization of contemporary life, and the rise in cyber threats that follows. In order to meet these new requirements, IT executives must be resourceful and enhance their IAM systems.

Application access governance solution

A component of Identity and Access Management (IAM), application access governance tends to focus on access governance to safeguard data security and privacy by establishing access controls that limit users’ access to on-premises, hybrid, or cloud services, networks, systems, or software used by the organization. Many businesses employ automated IAM solutions for password management to manage user identities and access rights, which aids in upholding compliance with internal controls and access policies.

Companies’ portfolios of crucial business applications evolve over time as they grow, diversify, and add new product lines. Particularly for publicly traded organizations, the growing number of apps raises operating expenses, demands more service/support time and effort, and adds to the cost of compliance associated with monitoring application access.

Many Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, including SAP and Oracle, offer specialized modules and tools to assist access governance for their products, including reporting, emergency access, and role management. They function effectively, but they are unable to establish a single standard for audit documentation, processes, and controls. The danger of human error is increased when managing numerous dashboards, one for each provider because there is no centralized access management system in place.

Consider the following questions to see whether your company is ready for the IAM of the future:

  • Have I begun to approach my IAM investment systematically, and do I have a diverse group of supporters that believe next-generation IAM is feasible?
  • Have my IAM investments been sufficiently evaluated for success to concentrate on the following generation of IAM?
  • Does my company comprehend the general shift toward intelligence-driven risk management and decision-making?

Reasons to select 1Trooper for Intelligent Analytics for Smarter Security

The technology from 1trooper offers cognitive analytics that enables identification de-duplication through role-mining. In order to homogenize identity within their environment, corporations can. To accommodate any IT architecture, our cloud-native platform offers multiple deployment choices, including cloud or on-premises decision-making.

Cloud-based Solution

Finally, if there is anything that unites the corporate world of today, it is the widespread adoption of cloud-based solutions across all IT systems and business activities. Most data centers will be replaced by cloud-based solution providers before the end of this decade.

One such cutting-edge solution is 1trooper, which provides Application Access Governance as a component of its Identity Governance platform. In order to properly manage risks, it gives companies the flexibility to swiftly adopt and seamlessly interface with a variety of important applications inside your organization’s environment.

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