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Key Features and Capabilities of an IGA Platform: What to Expect

To begin, let’s define what we mean by ‘Identity’. Identity is associated with specific roles and applications, enabling users to access the appropriate resources within the organization to fulfill their responsibilities. Effectively managing these identities, or users is achievable with an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution.

What is expected from an IGA platform?


●     Identity lifecycle

An IGA platform should handle and automate the entire process of managing identities, starting from onboarding employees to disabling their accounts when they leave the organization. This ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and reduces the workload on IT teams, who would otherwise have to perform these tasks manually.

●     Access review

The platform should be able to enable organizations to verify that the employees possess the appropriate access rights at the right time. This is crucial for maintaining the security of company resources.

●     Reporting & logging

The platform should offer the capability to access information regarding permissions granted or revoked, as well as resource access requests, through comprehensive logs. Reporting and logging are essential for adhering to various compliance mandates. A robust IGA solution provides reporting tools that allow organizations to determine who has access to specific applications, the reasons behind their access, and when their access will be terminated.

●     Self-service & access request

The platform should facilitate a self-service feature that allows users to request access to the applications they require to perform their tasks. This automated process eliminates the manual tasks involved in granting user access and minimizes the chances of human error in the access request procedure.

●     Provisioning

The platform should enable the creation or removal of accounts for applications or resources across the organization based on a user’s role. Automating account creation and deletion is a fundamental aspect of any identity governance and administration solution.

●     Entitlements

The platform should manage the granular access controls for applications, enabling organizations to define and control user roles such as user, moderator, admin, and more. These tools enable the granting, revocation, and modification of access to applications and devices throughout the organization based on individual user requirements.

1Trooper’s IGA presents a refined policy framework that empowers businesses in effectively tackling access risks associated with identities. Our solution offers streamlined management of passwords, user provisioning, access governance, policy administration, and access certification across the organization. By implementing 1Trooper’s IGA, businesses can enhance their ability to monitor and control user identities and access privileges, strengthening their overall security measures.

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