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What makes Identity Security stand as a business essential?

Back in 2020, when the pandemic struck, businesses moved to triage mode to rapidly become a 100% virtual workforce. The most pressing item on their list was to get all the employees access to everything they require to be productive on remote work. When it came to enterprise security, this created a significant margin for error. Keeping a virtual workforce productive without compromising on security has been a great challenge.

Fast forward to today, it’s obvious that the virtual workforce is here to stay. Digital transformation has become a digital acceleration and companies are adopting an array of the latest technologies to stay competitive. The number and variety of identities that require access to modern technologies have skyrocketed. Well, from a security and access standpoint, the organizations are struggling to keep up with the pace. A modern identity security system is requisite for companies to avert risks.

At the core, ‘Identity Security’ is the foundation that continues to be a ‘Business essential’. Today, no organization can afford to exclude identity security to be their 1st priority. IDSA’s new report validates what we observe each day in customer conversations is that 84% of companies experienced an identity-related breach last year.

No enterprise can afford to open up access to technology resources before wrapping every access point with strong identity security controls. Who has access, until when, and how deep will it go? A deep identity intelligence is vital to accurately address identity security policies for each identity and technology access points required for the roles.  

The right level of automation ensures all the business decisions are keeping pace with the everyday changes across the enterprise environment. If people are depended upon to keep pace, it’s just not going to work. To stay ahead, you need to think far beyond human capacity which is intelligence and automation. The goal is to have no room for security threats, productivity stumbles, and compliance inadequacies.

Just like the pandemic, the most tangible real-world example that illustrates why identity should be the foundation of every business across the globe today, the newest example is digital transformation and acceleration. This is even more applicable to modern enterprises around the world as it is a permanent fixture that shapes the future of businesses. 

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