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Why should you upgrade and adopt a modern identity security solution?

Enterprises have made significant investments in their legacy identity security solutions. So, they are hesitant about the idea of adopting a modern solution. Convincing stakeholders throughout the organization may be challenging but at any cost, the enterprise’s identity security must not be compromised. However, the reality is a legacy solution often causes more harm than good to the business. Below are five reasons to upgrade your legacy identity solution to a modern one.

1. Accelerating digital transformation and innovation

Equipped with built-in identity controls, the modern identity security solution protects and supports next-gen business technology innovation and transformation programs. APIs, event triggers, out-of-the-box connectors, and additional capabilities could extend high security across a hybrid environment which is crucial for organizations as they transition to the cloud.

2. Mitigating business risks through effective Identity Security

Modern identity security solutions effectively address the identity security requirements of a digital business. They ensure proper and timely user access, proactively engage business users to identify potential risks, and assist security professionals in intelligently establishing and maintaining access models within a dynamic IT landscape.

3. The requirement for Regulatory Compliance

Modern solutions are designed to address the existing regulatory compliance challenges. For instance, AI and automation expedite compliance processes such as identity certifications. Moreover, they offer intelligent capabilities that empower organizations to enhance preventive and detective controls, while providing global visibility to identify potential compliance risks and liabilities.

4. Cost implications demanding a change

Organizations are now accelerating their journey to the cloud, shifting from SaaS-first to SaaS-only. This transition alleviates the burdensome capital and operational expenses associated with maintaining an on-premises technology stack while granting immediate access to the latest integrations, features, and functionalities. Moreover, modern solutions integrate advanced technologies such as data analytics, empowering organizations to optimize their investments and derive maximum value.

5. Embracing Improved Possibilities

Persisting with a solution that hampers usability, hinders innovation, and raises security and regulatory concerns is unnecessary. With a modern identity security solution, the integration of identity processes becomes seamless and effortless, enabling organizations to effortlessly maintain security measures and regulatory compliance. It allows the organization to concentrate on growth and driving innovation forward.

Having invested significant time and effort in building and maintaining a legacy identity solution, the thought of transitioning to a modern alternative can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, detangling complex integrations of legacy solutions can be expensive and time-consuming. Hence, delaying the transition is no longer viable. It’s time to take action.

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